I swear,
I swear i wanna write about flowers,
about places, food, events
but everytime i think of writing
all i wanna do is write about you.
It’s a seasonal disease with no cure.
I’ve always wondered, when the stars
in all their glory are gonna fall on us
but the thought of falling in love with you
chips in, out of thin air maybe?
Is the sound of music any different with
the sound of love?
Or when do silent thoughts get amplified?
I want you to know my heart feels something
for you
If only there were unseen wires signaling
this connection.
And if eyes tell when someone is craving
for love then mine told a bartender last night
and he just had the right drink.
I hope the petals from our rose of love
never fall
If they start falling, i pray that i’ll be there
to pick the last magic petal.
I promise that I’m a book worth reading
not a page filled with regret
and the cover, the cover is beautiful.

I didn’t start with a jar of hearts
but rather ‘i said i wouldn’t hook
up with him then i did again jar.’
which deserves a lot of money
by now.
When he said he’s moving on,
my pen stopped writing as
i felt the urge of peeing
i couldn’t breathe properly either
my stomach was really heating up
my heart racing and thumping
I had to stand up and hold on
to the windowsill
looking up the sky
where does my help come from?
Love knows no age.
I never thought i could love someone
as young as i am,
prisoned within its walls and i can’t
break free.
‘I was joking, I’ve loved you all along
just wanted to test if you felt something
for me.’
(i smile)
Silly, he makes me cry and giggle all
at once
my superman, ladies and gentlemen.
my superman.
Henceforth, my soul will be still
for whatever i searched for, i found.
I found the right person with
the right key.

Roses bleed

I’m not the one trying to sleep
It’s just another way of nursing
this ache
My heart aches, I’m not sure
how long I’ll be reseting my heart
after every false alarm of a love
passing me by akin a stranger,
Strange love, i know
Goose bumps and gasps before
uttering just three letters that form
the word yes
I say yes, because i don’t want to give up
maybe this is the man i need
I say yes because i want to know what falling inlove feels like, wanting to wake up to goodmorning texts and probably relate to love memes
But mostly I’m always looking for a friend to talk to,, to one day speak out loud my thoughts to someone who cares
I say yes because i want someone who detects, detects when I’m lying that I’m okay, being okay kills,
to let him detect when I’m not lighting up his world enough,
When my flames burn low, i hope he can be the ignition i need
I say yes because it’s scary being alone when everybody else has someone,
just part of the pressure,
going with the flow.
Sometimes i end up settling for what i don’t deserve,
the question remains what do i deserve?
Yet they leave without saying goodbye
they just stop talking and texting,
my phone stops beaping randomly
And then I’m quick to judge it,
thinking it’s the enemy
The story never ends, does it?
Someone comes along
the cycle continues, this time everything
is different, it’s just that my heart isn’t
a dynamo.
Maybe he wants to feel the touch
of raindrops on rose flowers
Rose flowers bleed too.

Fire in my soul

I danced the night away,

my body revolved to the


my soul was freed,

I shade off parts of me

that i couldn’t acknowledge,

maybe they weren’t mean’t to be.

Breaking off bits by bits,


An erosion of thoughts,

An evolution of a new body,

Revival of the fire in my soul,

burning fiercely

How alive did i want to be


the sound of my heart

beat proved way more?

Lurking around

this love,

enscripted in

my heart.

Love that smells

as fresh as the lillies

and daisies at the

break of dawn,

a love that still

shimmers brightly

at twilight,

a love that’s quick

to erase perfunctory


a love that blossoms


This is the love worth

growing wings for.


Countless times,

I hesitate to reciprocate

my love

I swear

It is a disease that terrorises

my dreams to bits,

The mixologist says,

said, assumes, i need medicine

You are the drug.

He saw me sneaking glances

your way and said,

i found my way to the cure.

I don’t know if two broken hearts

can reunite

I still don’t know if i’m

mistaking pitiness for love,

the two are brimmed with confusion

if i’m drunk with lust then am doomed

and when drunk in love, i become blind to wrong


I doubt that you are an answer to

any of my questions,

Do anwers present themselves?

Charms and chains

Chained to your love

and nothing can set me free.

Time can’t and i, myself

can’t turn to any other love

i’ll be tangled up

thrusting back to you.

I bet your charms have worked.

I keep calling out your name

in my dreams, it seems this

nightmare of a love is stuck

not only

on the palates of my mouth

and enamels of my teeth

but also in the depths of my mind

where i thought this love would

remain hidden from.

If we choose to burn this love,

i hope

it will ignite this fire in our loins


I wonder if this love will die

from hunger in the deserts

Who’ll feed it?Who feeds it?

Thus , lover,

Let us,


to the sound of love

amidst the desires of our hearts

that creates such a beautiful harmony.

Let me drown in this love

deeper than the seas

wide enough to accomodate us.