To the future

Dear future me,
Worrying is sometimes regarded as the pure destruction of hope, hopes built in forever are brought down by an arrow of worry. I know in the past, you felt like shading your skin and becoming whole again. You felt like you were misplaced in this vast world with no place to go, to hide from the conundrum of voices in your head and much worse the things seen, now epitaphed in your mind.
The world is vast, you haven’t seen much. Maybe you are being protected from ruin, things you’ll never recover from. I wonder how you’ve coped with the loss of people that you loved the most. Does the hole ever get filled?
Don’t forget to live even when you’ve got all you’ve ever dreamed of. It so happens that at such moments sadness tends to creep in and destroy every good built. Don’t let your heart feel unfed. Feed it with the fruits of the Holy Spirit.From love to kindness to humility. Most importantly let prayer be its stronghold.
Hey, don’t give up on changing the world even when you see how complicated it is, the weirdness of its creation and evolution of things. People struggle with a lot, you’ll see that in documentaries or even in proximity and you might not want to forgive yourself, cry if you must. Your tears might be the remedy. But cry to God.
Delight in the farming of flowers. It will calm your mind in pruning and yield patience in you in the waiting of their blossoming. Thence you’ll learn to cultivate significance in the things of the world, whether old and new.
Don’t wait for the things or people you love to exit your world so as to awaken you on the importance of love.
Yours truly,
Future me.

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