I didn’t start with a jar of hearts
but rather ‘i said i wouldn’t hook
up with him then i did again jar.’
which deserves a lot of money
by now.
When he said he’s moving on,
my pen stopped writing as
i felt the urge of peeing
i couldn’t breathe properly either
my stomach was really heating up
my heart racing and thumping
I had to stand up and hold on
to the windowsill
looking up the sky
where does my help come from?
Love knows no age.
I never thought i could love someone
as young as i am,
prisoned within its walls and i can’t
break free.
‘I was joking, I’ve loved you all along
just wanted to test if you felt something
for me.’
(i smile)
Silly, he makes me cry and giggle all
at once
my superman, ladies and gentlemen.
my superman.
Henceforth, my soul will be still
for whatever i searched for, i found.
I found the right person with
the right key.

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