Time will decide

I couldn’t decide,

my heart was filled with rage,

my mind brimmed with confusion,

The chattering of my teeth worsened

the situation.

Scattered thoughts,

loud music

and still trying to figure out

where i went wrong

Seems like i’m always

the one whose wrong, i don’t know why

Is it because i’m vulnerable?

I can’t help but overthink

Its just that i also need this love

I dread this young love.

A long stare at me and

Alas!I knew it would be the last

memory of you

epitaphed in the shallow depths

of my mind.

Even so,

as i let you go,

I hope you know, i wanted you to stay

and prayed that nothing could sever

our love

Maybe someday i’ll understand the reason why.

It’s sad that i can’t force a love

that isn’t mutual.

Your heart knows better.


as for me,

Time waits for no man bar

it will wait for my heart to heal.

My notion of love


I want to be loved

I want to love someone

Yet, the sound of love,

the feeling of love and

the art of love

doesn’t entice me

Love isn’t blind anymore

It sees clearly

Your love is selfish

Expensive to be free and

Kindness, kindness was just a passing through

Your love is a bomb, set to explode

fortunately my heart is vital

it cannot shatter into pieces

to create a puzzle that no one

Knows how to solve

Love asks me to choose.

Choices, choices don’t make a difference

For i choose to walk away

What wants me, my heart wants not.

This path of love is too narrow.

Tinkle of love

A cold weather, no sun

A clear sky , no stars

And still my heart throbs a little louder

to the sound of your voice

Like nothing has happened before.

I tremble whenever you speak to me,

those are only words that evoke

such a reaction

I am scared of what your touch

can do to me

I keep on wondering if i’ll manage

to breathe

Tell me it’s over even before

it begins, a heartbreak will

cause an earthquake, too

much to bear , too much attention

for such a weakling as i.