Roses bleed

I’m not the one trying to sleep
It’s just another way of nursing
this ache
My heart aches, I’m not sure
how long I’ll be reseting my heart
after every false alarm of a love
passing me by akin a stranger,
Strange love, i know
Goose bumps and gasps before
uttering just three letters that form
the word yes
I say yes, because i don’t want to give up
maybe this is the man i need
I say yes because i want to know what falling inlove feels like, wanting to wake up to goodmorning texts and probably relate to love memes
But mostly I’m always looking for a friend to talk to,, to one day speak out loud my thoughts to someone who cares
I say yes because i want someone who detects, detects when I’m lying that I’m okay, being okay kills,
to let him detect when I’m not lighting up his world enough,
When my flames burn low, i hope he can be the ignition i need
I say yes because it’s scary being alone when everybody else has someone,
just part of the pressure,
going with the flow.
Sometimes i end up settling for what i don’t deserve,
the question remains what do i deserve?
Yet they leave without saying goodbye
they just stop talking and texting,
my phone stops beaping randomly
And then I’m quick to judge it,
thinking it’s the enemy
The story never ends, does it?
Someone comes along
the cycle continues, this time everything
is different, it’s just that my heart isn’t
a dynamo.
Maybe he wants to feel the touch
of raindrops on rose flowers
Rose flowers bleed too.

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