Charms and chains

Chained to your love

and nothing can set me free.

Time can’t and i, myself

can’t turn to any other love

i’ll be tangled up

thrusting back to you.

I bet your charms have worked.

I keep calling out your name

in my dreams, it seems this

nightmare of a love is stuck

not only

on the palates of my mouth

and enamels of my teeth

but also in the depths of my mind

where i thought this love would

remain hidden from.

If we choose to burn this love,

i hope

it will ignite this fire in our loins


I wonder if this love will die

from hunger in the deserts

Who’ll feed it?Who feeds it?

Thus , lover,

Let us,


to the sound of love

amidst the desires of our hearts

that creates such a beautiful harmony.

Let me drown in this love

deeper than the seas

wide enough to accomodate us.

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